We love working with schools, museums, cultural institutions, parks and community centers to develop innovative programs for families and children.

Our highly-trained staff works directly with your team to create activities, events and strategies that are specific to your institutions needs and goals.

Developing and leading customized museum adventures that engage families through hands-on activities, thought provoking exploration, and foster cross-generational learning is what we do best!

 We have experience in:

-       Growing new audiences and building meaningful relationships with diverse communities

-       Leading engaging staff development workshops that inspire, energize and empower

-       Linking museum collections with classroom learning and  Common Core Standards

-       Designing educational workshops that utilize museum collections, artifacts, and natural environments for families of all ages

-       Developing innovative and impactful educational materials for classroom and museum settings


 Contact us at to find out how we can work with you to reimagine the way your guest experience your institution.