follow the questions!  

We believe that engaging with the arts promotes critical
thinking skills, creativity and curiosity. Through art
centered experiences, museum tours, and innovative family workshops, we aim to revive these essential skills in learners so they can engage with the world in a more meaningful way.


come on an art
adventure with us!

We’ve scoped out some of the best art happenings
in New York City and invite you to join us for a tour!
Through close looking, thoughtful discussions, and
hands on activities for kids and their grown-ups, we will
discover how the arts can be fun and educational!

See our calendar for all upcoming events.

or book a private tour at time that works for you!

want more?

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book a private tour

Want a customized adventure for your family or friends?  Choose a topic of interest, choose a museum, or leave it all up to us. We'll create custom, private tours and classes for you.  Each engaging tour is filled with hands-on activities, storytelling, and games that promote creativity and critical thinking.



Leave it to us to plan an exciting, unique birthday celebration filled with arts, entertainment, and cake! 

New sibling? New home? We should celebrate that too!


take us to school

We’ve got maker workshops for students, professional development and team building for staff, and parent workshops for.., well, you get it.