what we do 

The what:

Through art centered experiences, museum tours, and innovative family workshops, we aim to promote critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity in learners so they can engage with the world in a more meaningful way.

The why:

We believe that learning is about free thinking and raising valuable questions rather than memorizing facts and developing obedience. Research has shown that engaging with the arts promotes critical thinking skills, creativity and curiosity; skills that are instrumental.

Through the analysis of and dialogue about the arts, children are able to learn to trust their own judgements, to develop critical thinking skills, to articulate their opinions and give reasons for their views, and appreciate diverse perspectives.

The How:

We follow our curiosity.  We create an environment where questions are more important than answers.

We use museum collections, works of art, or art making in ways that strengthen student thinking and learning in the arts and beyond. Infusing the art into the general academic subjects such as math, and history, and science, allows for open ended exploration, diverse viewpoints, and critical thinking in topics that are traditionally thought to have right answers.  

The who:

Children! Art spaces are one of the few spaces where the point is not to get the one right answer. There are lots of different answers, some better than others, but there is no one correct answer. Art engages children in their own thinking, their own creative process, their own imagination. Engaging with the arts provides children with a platform to explore questions,  see multiple perspectives, create and learn to trust their own judgments.  We believe that these are some of the most important life skills.

Families! We believe in collaborative learning between kids and their grownups. At our family workshops, adults draw inspiration from their children to awaken their inner kid. “Many teachers think of children as immature adults. It might lead to better and more ‘respectful’ teaching, if we thought of adults as atrophied children.” - Keith Johnstone Kids love learning with their grown-ups on an equal playing field and creating lasting positive memories. Adults love reconnecting with the sense of wonder they had as children

The where:

From public art to hoity-toity art spaces, we maneuver around the gates of the artworld to explore museums, galleries, studios, art shows, private collections, or even see everyday places through an artful lens.

The when:

Check out our calendar.

Asya Gribov

Starting Mismatched Socks was a natural progression combining her three favorite things: Kids, art, and travel. 
Spending years traveling around the world, teaching, organizing community events, and working in museums in New York City, Asya is more curious than ever!
Asya's paperwork consists of a Masters in Education from Hunter College and a dual BA in Psychology and Comparative Religions. 
Her more prized credentials include a love for exploration and dedication to making art accessible to all. 

Sasha Dashevsky
Co-Founder of Mismatched Socks

Sasha takes to heart Oliver Wendell Holmes’ notion that "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." In creating this project Sasha hopes to create an environment of wonder, creativity, and education while developing a foundation that fosters resiliency in young children. And so with a little bit of work, a lotta bit of love and a necessary amount of eccentricity Mismatched Socks was created to forever stretch the imagination. Sasha is a Brooklyn College graduate with a degree in Children and Youth Studies. Her understanding of child development feeds her conviction that education should be a well rounded, visceral experience that appeals to the senses.

Paul Dashevsky
Jr. Kreative Konsultant 

Paul is a fourth grader of PS.52 elementary school of Staten Island. Paul's understanding of teaching and managing was a big career. Paul is also a member of the JCC soccer club. He has a talent of sports. Paul is also a school band player. Paul plays the alto saxophone. Paul's role of Mismatched Socks is a manager. Paul is a nephew of Sasha Dashevsky. Paul has a big imagination of his time here working and creativeness for the future.  Paul's part of manager is to host tours, teach art to children and help create activities. Paul's main goals are to help children to succeed in art. Another is to help Mismatched Socks grow bigger and stronger for the company.