Goats! Goats! Goats!

2015, aligned with Chinese Zodiac year of the goat!
Some might say sheep, or ram, but, really, I prefer goat.

And goats are great!
Picasso sculpted a goat. Chagall painted a goat. Countless YouTube videos feature cute goats.

Why the interest in goats you might ask? 
Well, besides the rectangular eyes, the cuteness, interest in heights, and the famous appetites,  it is their inquisitiveness and curiosity that inspires us most of all.  

So as we welcome 2015, here is our favorite collection of art featuring goats for you to enjoy. 

Pablo Picasso. She-Goat. Vallauris, 1950
Salvador Dali In Paris, France In 1953 (Credit: REPORTERS ASSOCIES ) 
Marc Chagall. Memory of my Youth, 1924
Robert Rauschenberg – Monogram,1959

And some exquisite goat portraits

For more information on goats in folklore, mythology and various cultures read on here and here

So next time someone likens you to a goat, take it as a nod to your curiosity and desire to learn all things new. 
Happy New Year!