Visiting Museums with Toddlers!

Toddler are wonderful companions for museum explorations! 
Here are a few tips to help make your visit a successful one. 

Check the museum site for stroller rules before you go. 
Bring a snack! 
Don't try to see everything, pick a small area or a few artworks to focus on. 

While exploring art focus on finding recognizable images, patterns, and colors. Remember, be silly and imagination never fails! 

Here are a few prompts to get you looking, thinking and talking about art with your toddler. 

  • Tell a story about an artwork
  • Look for triangles 
  • Find an artwork that is funny. How so?
  • Find animals
  • Look for lines: long, short, thin, fat, straight, curvy. Trace them with your finger in the air
  • Think about what characters in artworks are saying or thinking 
  • Stand like someone in an artwork or a sculpture
  • Find a rainbow – find each color as you walk through the art space
  • Whats the most beautiful artwork? why?
  • Find an artwork that makes you happy, talk about it
  • Find an artwork that is sad, how so?
  • How many circles can you count in a single artwork? Can you find a piece with no circles