New York Subway Art

In New York Museums are museums, parks are museums, even subway stations are museums.  Next time you are on the train with the kids, take a look around and spend a few minutes appreciating the art work underground.  

Here are a few of the best stations with our favorite art: 


Life Underground by Tom Otterness at the 14th street station on the A C E. Love these quirky bronze creatures hanging around the station. 



All the hats at the 23rd st station on the N R pays homage to the Flatiron's History as the center of fashion. 





Titled "The Way Out" this Alice in Wonderland mosaic can be found at the : The Way Out ny Liliana Porter at 50th Street station on the 1 and 2.  



For a full list of MTA subway stations and art look at the MTA Subway Art Guide.