Traveling around Asia

We took a gander through Asia this summer, visiting Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Seoul. There is so much fantastic contemporary art everywhere! Here are some of the highlights. 

First, check out this adorable museum rules poster found at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea. 


Here are some highlights from the Queens Gallery in Bangkok: 

1st image -detail. artist unknown (forgot to write down )
2nd image- Queens Gallery in Bangkok detail; Seagdow Teasan;  Countryside
3rd Image- Queens Gallery in Bangkok detail - Attapon Chaichana, Street Man 2
4th Image- Seoul, MMCA, collection

1st image- Hong Kong Street Art
2nd Image - Queens Gallery, Bangkok; Kodsoung Eangubon; Selfishness 2
3rd Image- Queen's Gallery, Bangkok; Phrutthinun Dumnim; Body

Saw this geniusness  Yellow Scream by Kim Beom.  

And loved this work by Leandro Erlich.  What an artist! 

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