Unique Gifts for Unique Children

We didn’t want to let everyone else have all the fun, and put together our own holiday gift list! We partnered with Toy Ideas for tips and tricks with an OT perspective.

Here is our list of special finds for kids and kids at heart.

Bonus: We selected the items that specifically inspire creativity, curiosity, communication, and help build confidence.

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Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible

Hot off the press! A fresh new alternative to the all too familiar Guinness Book of World Records.

For the curious, the brave, the bookworms, the nonconformists, ages 8 +

Available at MoMA gift store, and online.


Aqua Zules Crazy Puzzle

Let your imagination run wild. There’s no wrong way to put together these creatures. Let them inspire drawings, stories, and games.

For the creative, the nature lovers, nonconformists, 3+

Available at MoMA gift shop.


Giant Coloring Poster

Next time your child covers the walls in markers, compliment them on developing their wrist strength and empower them to keep building those vital muscles by getting them this poster. Writing, drawing, coloring on a vertical surfaces helps kids develop wrist strength and that helps them write in school.

For the artist, the interior decorator, the rule breaker.

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All Aboard- Let’s Ride the Train.

Yes it’s another train book. This one is extra special as it folds out to be nearly 4 feet long and comes with smart questions and discussion prompts to inspire close looking. For the train lover, the explorer,  3+

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Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: With Artwork by Yayoi Kusama (A Penguin Classics Hardcover) By Lewis Carroll

For the artsy, the eccentric, the book collector


My First Chess Set

First chess set, or the only chess set I ever want to play again?
Fun characters, bright colors. Child not into chess, use the pieces for pretend play!

For the gamer, the animal lover, the logician



Now that you have a ton of amazon boxes in your house, put them to good creative use with this awesome invention.

For the inventor, the environmentalist, the architect