in the classroom

Whether at a school, after-school, homeschool, or unschool,
we would love to work with your group.
We offer one time or multipart artful programs
that support the social and academic goals of the group.

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Think like an artist

A multipart series in which we meet a select number of contemporary artists and learn about the ways they approach the creative process and how they help us see the world in a new way.

Curious Creatures

Invent a curious creature! Will it be cute? cooky? calm? caring?
Bring the creature to life by constructing them from found objects and recycled materials.

Every creature needs a name, friends, an origin story, hobbies, and even a life calling. Students continue to work together with their curious creatures to develop their writing through stories, books, poems, or plays.

and many others…

(details coming soon)

How to Break Things 

tinkering and taking apart technology


How to Climb High Things



How to lie

storytelling and writing



science workshops



tips and tricks