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private tours

a few of our favorite themes

  • Trick of the Eye

  • The Art of the Portrait

  • Art Mysteries

  • Everyday Objects

or tell us what piques your curiosity! There’s art for that.

Designed specifically for your family or group!  

Choose a topic of interest, choose a museum,  or leave it all up to us. We'll create custom, private tours and classes for your family. Each engaging tour is filled with hands-on activities,  storytelling, and games. 



we speak your language!

Whether you are visiting from out of town, or are interested in developing your groups language skills, our network of museum educators are happy to accommodate! We work with native speakers of Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, and others. Just ask!

For kids learning or preserving a foreign language, our playful multilingual tours help build vocabulary and development confidence in conversation and even writing.

english is not your first language?

We hear ya! We’ve got tours for you too!

Just to share a few:

  • The best superlatives and even better comparatives of modern art!

  • Cubists’ phrasal verbs!

  • Amazing and absurd adjectives of abstract art

  • The future tense of futurism

  • Imperfect tenses of Impressionism

ok we’re going to stop with the titles now :)


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